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What are some of your other recent projects?

THE NAMING ROOM I won an Arts Council Year of the Artist Award enabling me to develop a work of art which involved members of the public. I created 1020 untitled two-sided paintings which formed a three-dimensional structure, the Naming Room, into which members of the public entered and named a painting.

FRAGMENTS OF TIME AND THOUGHT The piece contains 2000 paintings, one for each year from 1 AD to the year 2000. Each piece is an acrylic painting on dense watercolour paper in the same identical format, a rectangle within a rectangle. Each painting differs in colour, texture, detail and form. Every part has a specific number and name. The names are taken from History, Latin, Religion, Myths and the book "A Thousand and One Nights". This is a personal Millennium project which I donated to the British Red Cross and was the first exhibition at Liberty’s new art gallery in London.

ARTJONGG This piece is a massive game board 21 feet by 9 feet exhibited as a public piece. The centre of the board contains 40 canvasses surrounded by a large black space displaying 80 paintings set in glass tablets representing playing pieces. There are 1200 tokens, mini-drawings conceived to be used as confetti by the public. The piece is based on an artist’s continual manipulation of various elements in pursuit of an aesthetic goal. This ever-changing desire to balance the literally endless arrangement of form, colour, texture and placement is a visual game. The viewer can actually play by scattering the tokens over the board in their own artistic search.

Name an example of a commissioned work?
NON-ESSENTIAL SIGNAGE This commission was a result of a combination of a new organization and a relocation which allowed me to herald the new changes of this national arts organization. I was able to express the impact of change using a new approach in my work expressing the change on office relations. It was very well received.

THE WISHING CEREMONY is a phone booth shape home to a collection of wishing tokens. Square in shape and individually hand painted, each token acts as an inspiration to have a wish. After touching the wishing token you are invited to leave a hand written version of your wish (anonymous of course) attached to the wall of the structure. Follow this link for more details- THE WISHING CEREMONY